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Laser Hair Removal Prices

  /  Laser Hair Removal Prices
Using our modern German and USA made laser hair removal machines

Free Under-Arms Laser Hair Removal session with each session of a large area (Full legs, half legs, Full arms or half legs with half arms)

Laser Hair Removal PRICES

Prices area / session. An average of 6-8 sessions are usually needed.

Full body without Face: 2200
Full body with Face: 2500
Full legs + Free Underarms: 1000
Half legs + Free Underarms: 600
Full legs + full arms + Free Underarms: 1500
Full legs + full arms + Free Underarms + Bikini: 1800
Under Arms: 200
Bikini: 300
Half legs: 600
Full arms + Free Underarms: 800
Half arms: 500
Back: 700
Abdomen: 700
Face: 500
Bikini + under arms: 400
Full legs + bikini. 1200
Half legs + half arms + Free Underarms: 1000

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